Poppadum Tacos

“This is a delicious quick no-cook taco dish which is great for sharing! Sometimes you need sharing food in an emergency and this is a bit of a crowd pleaser.”


Poppadums pack of 6

For the onion and chilli salad:

Small red onion finely chopped

Small white onion finely chopped

Red chilli deseeded

Long red

orange or yellow pepper cut thinly

2 tsp Malt vinegar

Mango chutney to taste

Fresh mint leaves

Fresh coriander

Salad leaves

For the Raita:

2 tbsp Natural Yogurt

¼ tsp Pureed garlic

2 tsp mint sauce


First of all prepare the yoghurt raita dip
Add all of the ingredients and mix together set aside.

On a large sharing plate break the poppadums into quarters or smaller if your poppadums are large. Aim for taco size pieces that can be easily picked up. Spread them over the plate ready for the toppings.

Now combine the onions with the chilli and peppers and then add the vinegar

This is the fun part – just sprinkle the onion salad onto the arranged poppadums on the plate,

Next add your salad leaves, mango chutney and then the raita.

Go as bold as you dare with the toppings!

Happy sharing!