More than just Avocado on Toast

“Having an avocado in the fridge and some Mediterranean vegetables in olive oil is just the best and easiest snack ever. Put it on sourdough toast and add in Hemp seeds then it’s a whole lot more than just Avocado on toast.”


35g avocado

roughly mashed

1 Sourdough slice of bread

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

3 fat sun-kissed tomatoes

Chargrilled aubergine slice sliced into slithers

½ tsp of pureed garlic

Squeeze of fresh lemon

2 tsp Hemp seeds (de-shelled)

1tsp Hemp oil


Toast the sourdough
Mix the pureed garlic with the mashed avocado, add sea salt and pepper (to taste)
Squeeze fresh lemon all over the avocado mixture and mix in.

Now spread the mashed avocado over the top of the sourdough
Arrange the sun-kissed tomatoes and aubergine on top
Sprinkle the Hemp seeds over the top
Now drizzle with hemp oil and enjoy!

This makes such a tasty quick brunch, lunch or dinner and it’s all plant based!