How Living Eighty Twenty Works

We’ve named the programme eighty twenty as we believe that 80% of the time you can be on track and then 20% of the time you can have a little of what you fancy!

It’s as easy as one, two, three
1 choose your breakfast lunch and dinner from our food gallery (Add ingredients to your basket and it will be delivered straight to your door)
2 plan your workout times
3 Choose your supplements and check out our online magazine

Each week you will receive one “whole-body approach” Movement video from Luke along with one food preparation video from Jo to show you how to cook a great tasting healthy dish. Jo specialises in turning favourites into healthy great tasting alternatives.

You also receive five delicious recipes each week with a bank of an extra five in week one when you join.

You can choose from our selection of healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and plan your week accordingly.

Our online Wellness Magazine will give you useful tips and information on lifestyle issues and how we can help you address some of those areas that are hindering your results.

The ingredients to our recipes can be put straight into your online shopping basket with the rest of your food shop at your favourite store. It’s that convenient, this whole programme is about making your life easier.