Yes for sure! Adhere to the food and the daily exercises, add the supplements for quicker results. But remember don’t measure yourself by weight on the scales, use our measuring guide to measure your results.

Remember to use our measuring guide to monitor your results. We recommend you measure at the end of each week. Sticking to Living eighty twenty will show you lasting results in as little as a week.

Results are measured in many ways; you could feel more energised, have a better sleep, feel more toned, or achieve time spent on yourself to exercise or even have healthy meals. The important thing is to continue with the programme 80% of the time. If you want to take your 20% at the weekend as you’re out at a party, then that’s allowed, but remember to get straight back on to your 80%, the results will speak for themselves.

We choose plant-based dishes that taste and look amazing.

Yes we have PayPal as a payment option along with Visa, Mastercard options.

All of the exercises are for a set time, so you can do as many as you can in that time, remembering to keep good form throughout. As you get fitter, you will be able to do more. If you need a rest at any time, be sure to take one and hop back on where you’re ready.

Living Eighty Twenty is a twelve-week programme.

The supplements are a great way to fast-track and enhance your results. Addressing one area of your lifestyle be it sleep, brain power or energy with the help of our supplements will make a huge difference to your life and ultimately your results.  Consult your doctor before embarking on our supplement programme.

The supplements are recommended but not compulsory, always consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

Our movement section is a fusion of many genres; yoga, functional, own body weight and pilates. Each week the movement section will be a full body approach.

Paying for the programme up front will have it’s advantages as you will commit and invest in yourself, you will also receive a free month’s worth of supplements worth £24.

Should you wish to pay each month, we can set this up for you online.

We offer one month’s supply of supplements worth £24 free of charge with every full package paid in advance.

The supplements are £24 for a month’s supply.

To complete the Living eighty twenty programme no equipment is needed other than a mat. We have mats for sale in our online shop.   If you wish to participate in ‘Luke’s Challenge’ then you might need a pair of dumbbells.

Here at Living eighty twenty, we believe that doing regular exercise just 15 – 20 minutes per day will be sufficient to achieve sustainable results.

The food ingredients can be bought from your place of choice, however, we do offer an add to your basket online service that can be attached to your shopping basket of many popular online supermarkets like Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

One food video per week with food tips in the weekly wellness online magazine.

The wellness magazine is online with fresh new content each week. The content will be cumulative over the twelve weeks.

Each week you will receive fresh new content that will look at sections of wellness and lifestyle and how they affect your life.

If you are advanced, you can complete the week’s workout plus add in Luke’s challenge. For an even more advanced option, why not choose another one of your favourite workouts.

We accept Mastercard, Visa credit and debit, American Express and PayPal.

The programme is designed for everyone, each exercise is for 40 seconds, so you do how many – (keeping good form) that you can do in 40 seconds. Each week you will be able to do more!. Work at your own pace. Great for men and women.

The programme is designed for everyone, each exercise is for 40 seconds, so you do how many – (keeping good form) that you can do in 40 seconds. Each week you will be able to do more!. Work at your own pace. Great for men and women.

These exercises are designed so that whatever your age or fitness you can try and complete them but always at your own pace and fitness level.

Sleep is a very important factor in your life and has a knock on effect to other areas in your life. Eating correctly and exercising will have a huge effect on your sleep. Our Relax supplements are designed to support un interrupted sleep.

Absolutely, our movement section is designed to release stress and our healthy food options will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Cutting down on food stress. There is also the element that you are allowed to have a 20% day so there will be less stress about having a treat when you fancy one. Our Wellness Magazine will give you helpful tips on how to help your body deal with stress better. Our supplement Relax will also help with stress relief.

The workouts are at your own level, do as many as you can do in the allocated 40 seconds. Take it at your own pace.

This programme is for everyone who wants to make small changes to their lifestyle to make a huge difference to their life.

Supplements are available to purchase at any time. You don’t need to be a member of the programme to do so.

The programme is available to pay in one go for the three months or if you wish we can request the payment from your chosen payment method each month for the three months.

If you sign up for the three months all at once, you will receive a free month’s supply of supplements.

You can have a rest day when you choose as long as 80% of the time, you are on the programme and then 20% of the time you can be off the programme. For best results have 1-2 days every two weeks.

No foods are off limits, we try and turn an unhealthy dish into a healthy version. So remember if you really do want to have that very naughty dish, then use it as your 20%!

All orders placed before 12 midday will be dispatched the same day. The normal delivery time will be 2-3 days.

You will receive the first week’s videos at the time that you join up on to the programme.

You will also receive at the same time, the first week’s food video and 5 new recipes. There will already be 5 recipes in the gallery for you to choose from.

You can measure your fitness success on the number of repetitions you complete staying in good form within the 40 seconds on each exercise.

You can also measure your results by using our helpful measurement tool.

We don’t recommend weighing as this is unreliable and can give either false hopes or make create despondence. We recommend you measure yourself using our helpful measuring tool.

Each workout is between 15 -20 minutes long, so if you wish to work harder for longer then you can either take Luke’s challenge for that week, or complete more than one week’s workout.

The beauty of this programme is that the workouts are not at a set time, you can complete the workouts in your own time. It’s like having a fitness professional in your own home to use at your convenience.

You can exercise whenever it suits you. The only thing we would say is try and choose a time when you have more energy. Meals can always be made in advance.

We believe in safety first, so please consult your doctor before taking part in this programme.

The food portions are all based on the correct amount for a healthy diet.

We don’t encourage alcohol as part of the 80% section of the programme, but there is always your 20%, so perhaps you could save your glass of wine or beer for then.

As no food is off limits, we say that a little of what you fancy on your 20% is fine! Just make sure you absolutely enjoy it and then jump back on to your 80%! Don’t forget that organic dark chocolate can also play a role in stress relief that is in small doses!

Yes you can use your 20% in the first week, but we recommend that you try and get used to the 80% section for the first two weeks for quick results.

Combining the ‘eighty twenty programme’ with a run is a perfect way for a more intense workout. It would certainly add the toning element to your overall workout.

We recommend that you always stretch at the end to prevent injury and promote long lean muscles.

Never skip the warm up, it is essential to warm all the muscles that are about to be used in the main section of the workout.

We have a selection of dishes available including gluten free choices.

We offer a wide range of dishes that also includes plant-based options.

First of all well done for completing the programme and for achieving fantastic results! You will have learned many skills and techniques along the way.

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