Living Eighty Twenty
The Revolutionary Twelve Week Lifestyle Programme
Simple full body movement videos released every week
Weekly Wellness Features
A wealth of healthy recipes to choose from, more added every week

Living Eighty Twenty

A revolutionary twelve-week programme.

“Lose Weight Fast
For Good”

(See measurable results in just 2 weeks!)

80% of the time you are focussed, working out and eating healthily and 20% of the time you allow yourself to have a treat.

“A small change to your lifestyle
makes a huge difference to your life”

It’s as easy as one two three ….
1 Choose your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from our food gallery
2 Plan your workout times
3 Choose your supplements from our shop and check out our online magazine


Weekly Movement sessions that fit into your lifestyle.

Wellness Magazine

Weekly features on how to make a huge difference to your life.


No food is off limits! Videos & recipes of your favourites, only healthier.

The founders: Jo & Luke Gray

Jo & Luke have been the best-kept secret in the fitness industry for years, having worked with A-list actors, pop stars, celebrities and sport professionals, fast-tracking their lifestyles for films and performances.

With 30 years of experience fast-tracking clients results - Jo, a sports psychologist/nutritionist, and Luke, a biomechanics Specialist, designed the eighty twenty Programme to show how you too can fast-track your results and change your lifestyle in a sustainable way!